Sony α7III

Taking pictures is a pleasure and a pleasure.

It is an interest to like to take pictures, and to choose a single eye has always been a personal goal and one of my dreams. It is a wonderful thing to be able to use the professional single eye to press the shutter and take a beautiful moment to record life. Since there is an opportunity, why not seize the opportunity and choose the first monocular camera that belongs to your own life.

For the first-time Sony α7II, I single-lens camera, I was the first to use a Sony camera to take pictures. In addition to the previous use of SONY mobile phones to take pictures, this time I got a whole piece of discussion in recent years. The monocular camera has different feelings from the monoculars we have known in the past, whether it is the function or appearance of the fuselage. Perhaps I must jump into the monocular world directly. This answer must be It is a key point for many people to ask about friends who are playing with one eye. The view is that if the budget is available, I don’t want to continue to upgrade the body in the next few years. You can consider a full-frame camera.

The following is the focus of your own purchase of this monocular.

Camera type

In the early stage of studying, I always looked forward to having a digital camera, which I could take a picture of life around me. At that time, because of student status, of course, there was no extra budget on the camera.
After working in society, I gradually want to have a slightly advanced camera that can take photos for travel. However, for a long time, this type of single-camera started to be a little faulty, and some functions could not be operated smoothly. Therefore, the plan to change the machine was made, and the camera level was improved a bit. The full-frame monocular camera based on the interchangeable lens was mainly used.

Carrying portability

For portability, this is important for me. The lightweight body is a very pleasant thing for you to take pictures while you are traveling or traveling abroad in the future. I saw someone sharing my thoughts on the Internet. If a single-eye camera is bought and cannot be taken out in the future, then it seems that buying this camera also loses the fun of buying a photo.


For most of the friends who want to start a single eye, the budget considerations will also affect the focus of subsequent purchase considerations. The amount of budget affects the single eye that can be selected.


After confirming the previous two points, what models do you want to lock yourself, go online and do your homework to confirm that the locked model is functional and the picture quality is what you want, as can be from well-known websites such as youtube. Evaluation sharing, knowing the experience of some people, after confirmation, it is recommended to go to the camera dealer to operate the machine. After all, it is most important to buy your own eyes and meet your needs.

The following is an introduction to the Sony A73 DSLR function.

  • Advanced 24.2MP BSI Full-frame Image Sensor w/ 1.8X readout speed* Advanced 24.2MP Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-frame Image Sensor * Sony test conditions. Compare to the α7 II
  • 15-stop dynamic range, 14-bit uncompressed RAW, ISO 50 to 204,800
  • Up to 10fps Silent or Mechanical Shutter with AE/AF tracking
  • 693 phase-detection / 425 contrast AF points w/ 93% image coverage
  • In the box: SEL2870 lens, Lens hood, Lens cap, Lens rear cap, Rechargeable Battery (NP-FZ100), AC Adaptor (AC-UUD12), Shoulder strap, Body cap, Accessory shoe cap, Eyepiece cup, Micro USB cable

Description of use

Confirm your use is to record life/study photography/travel


See if a person has a brand myth and the reliability and quality of the brand.

After considering the above-mentioned key points, after determining the scope, the Sony α7III+kit lens group was finally decided as a device to be photographed in the future.

After starting this camera, it is undoubtedly necessary to familiarize yourself with the operation interface of the product. People often say that if they want to do their job well, they must first sharpen their tools. The monocular camera in their hands is bound to be familiar with the future. Take nice pictures.

From the time of purchase to the present use, there should be only one month before and after. The lens is the kit mirror group that was originally mentioned with the original factory. Take it out and shoot it all day. Focusing on this part is the strength of this camera. One of them, whether it is shooting an animal or shooting a portrait part, can accurately capture the focused part, the part of the night shot, in the case that the light is not so sufficient, even if the ISO value is adjusted, the details of the picture are reproduced. And regionalized noise suppression technology can preserve the image details and reduce the noise. The above mentioned by the original factory, compared with the previous use of other cameras, this improves a lot, and it is convenient for the night. The person shooting can take pictures with confidence.
The picture below shows the picture taken from the residual rainwater after a rainy night. I want to view the picture. I hope to take pictures of the background buildings reflected by the residual rain.


Although the time to use this monocular camera is not long, there are still many functions that need to be familiar, but it will not regret after starting, in line with its own needs, whether it is function, portability and cost-effective part, given Very good evaluation, I believe that in the future, I will use this Sony a73 camera to record the wonderful pictures of life and share it with you.

If you are interested in this product, consider purchasing it from the Amazon website.

Individual project rating

Portability 90
Price 95
cost–performance ratio 95